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FOIA Update: Case List Now Published on Biennial Cyle

FOIA Update
Vol. XVI, No. 2

Case List Now Published on Biennial Cycle

In furtherance of the Department of Justice's National Performance Review and "reinvention of government" efforts, the Office of Information and Privacy has established a new publication cycle for its Freedom of Information Case List volume. As of this year, OIP will publish the Case List on a biennial cycle -- i.e., every second year -- and will continue to publish its newer Freedom of Information Act Guide & Privacy Act Overview publication annually.

This schedule change completes a conversion process that was begun by OIP for its publications four years ago. In 1991, OIP converted the format of its "Justice Department Guide to the Freedom of Information Act" to a more readable footnote format to enhance its use as a ready reference tool. The following year, OIP detached the reformatted "FOIA Guide" from its Case List publication, combined it with its newly developed "Overview of the Privacy Act of 1974," and began publishing separate annual reference volumes. See FOIA Update, Spring 1992, at 2. Over the past three years, as the Freedom of Information Act Guide & Privacy Act Overview has grown from 444 pages in length to nearly 600, primarily due to further format enhancement and substantive development of the "FOIA Guide," it has become the primary FOIA reference volume.

As in the past, the Guide & Overview publication will be prepared by OIP in September and then will be published through the Government Printing Office's printing process during the fall. See FOIA Update, Fall 1989, at 2. OIP's publications editor Pamela Maida will continue to compile cases for the Case List throughout its two-year cycle and OIP has alerted the principal FOIA officers at all agencies of the August 25 GPO deadline for ordering copies of the Guide & Overview volume this year.

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Updated August 13, 2014