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FOIA Update: FOIA Publications Now Available on Internet

FOIA Update
Vol. XVI, No. 1

FOIA Publications Now Available on Internet

In keeping with efforts by agencies throughout the federal government to increase the public availability of information through electronic means, the Department of Justice is now making its Freedom of Information Act publications available to the public "on-line" through the Internet.

Last year, after completion of the 1994 edition of its annual "Justice Department Guide to the Freedom of Information Act," the Office of Information and Privacy arranged to have both that publication and its accompanying "Privacy Act Overview" publication placed on the Justice Department's new "gopher server" for Internet access. Segments of FOIA Update publications are being added as well.

The Justice Department established this Internet computer site in 1994 as a location at which it can place existing documents and new information for ready electronic access by the general public. It can be accessed through "" and FOIA-related items can be found at its listing for the Office of Information and Privacy. A range of other information items, such as press releases issued by the Department's Office of Public Affairs, are also available at this electronic site. Currently, the Justice Department is developing a more comprehensive and more sophisticated Internet site through the use of World Wide Web technology.

Additionally, the Office of Information and Privacy is making arrangements with the General Services Administration to place a joint Justice Department/GSA publication entitled "Your Right to Federal Records" at this Internet site as well. This publication is the federal government's general public information brochure on access to federal agency information, one designed to answer the basic questions of any person who is interested in exercising his or her statutory access rights under the FOIA or the Privacy Act. It is made available to the public in paper form through GSA's Consumer Information Center and is one of the most heavily requested such brochures.

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Updated August 13, 2014