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FOIA Update: FOIA Training Opportunities

FOIA Update
Vol. V, No. 3

FOIA Training Opportunities


Legal Education Institute: The Freedom of Information Act for Attorneys and Access Professionals, Oct. 18-19, 1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.; Nov. 5-6, Atlanta, GA. Contact: Robert Marcovici, (FTS) 673-6372. No charge.

Legal Education Institute: Advanced Seminar on the Freedom of Information Act, Dec. 7, 1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washing ton, D.C. Contact: Robert Marcovici, (FTS) 673-6372. No charge.


Boston Region Training Center: Successful Implementation of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, Nov. 13-14, U.S. Customs House, Boston, MA. Contact: Daniel J. Buckley, (FTS) 223-5786. Cost: $200.

Chicago Region Training Center: Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Workshop, Oct. 24-25, Chicago, IL. Contact: Charles V. Stout, (FTS) 353-2927. Cost: $125.

Dallas Region Training Center: Freedom of Information/Privacy Act, Oct. 16-17, Houston, TX; Nov. 6-7, San Antonio, TX. Contact: Yvonne Lindholm, (FTS) 729-8241. Cost: $165.

Center for Communications and Administrative Management, Administrative Management Training Institute: Successful Implementation of FOIA and PA, Dec. 10-11, Washington, D.C. Contact: Cassandra Saunders, (FTS) 254-3211. Cost: $225.


Information Access Laws, Dec. 4-6, 600 Maryland Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C. Contact: Theresa DeSilva, (FTS) 447-7124. Cost: $200.


ACLU's Tenth Annual Seminar on the Federal FOIA and Privacy Act, Nov. 8-9, Marvin Center, GW University, Washington, D.C. Contact: Ann Profozich, (202) 544-5380. Cost: $225.

American Society of Access Professionals' Annual Symposium, Nov. 26-27, Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C. Contact: Russell Roberts, (FTS),472-7453. Cost: $165 for members, $195 for nonmembers.

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Updated August 13, 2014