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FOIA Update: Justice Offers New Training

FOIA Update
Vol. IV, No. 2

Justice Offers New Training

The Department of Justice, through its Legal Education Institute (LEI), has instituted a new training seminar on the Privacy Act of 1974 and is planning an advanced seminar on the Freedom of Information Act:

The Privacy Act seminar, which was held for the first time on March 25, originated as part of the two-day Information Law seminar which is conducted by LEI several times each year. That latter seminar now focuses exclusively on the FOIA.

A second offering of the new Privacy Act seminar will be held sometime later this year. The advanced FOIA seminar, which is in the planning stage, is expected to be offered before the end of the year.

Anyone interested in attending the seminars should call LEI at 673-6372.

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Updated August 13, 2014