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FOIA Update: New Features

FOIA Update
Vol. III, No. 3

New Features

• In this issue, FOIA Update inaugurates a new feature, "FOIA Counselor Q & A" (page 5), drawn directly from the "FOIA Counselor" function performed by the Office of Information and Privacy. Each week, OIP attorneys respond to approximately two dozen telephone inquiries (at FTS 724-7400) from agency personnel seeking guidance on FOIA-related matters. Beginning in this issue, FOIA Update will publish selected questions and answers of particular significance.

• Another new feature in this issue is "FOIA Focus" (page 11), which will spotlight representatives of the many different employee groups who work with the FOIA: attorneys, document analysts, paralegals, program managers, public disclosure officers, etc. The subject of the first "FOIA Focus" is 16-year veteran attorney Leonard Schaitrnan, who is perhaps the most senior career federal employee in the FOIA area and across whose desk passes almost every FOIA case to reach the appellate court level. Suggestions for subjects of "FOIA Focus" may be sent to the managing editor.

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Updated August 13, 2014