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FOIA Update: Privacy Act Course to be Held Nov. 18

FOIA Update
Vol. IV, No. 3

Privacy Act Course to be Held Nov. 18

A recently developed training seminar on the Privacy Act of 1974 will be offered for the second time on Nov. 18 by the Department of Justice's Legal Education Institute (LEI).

The Privacy Act seminar originated as part of LEI's two-day Information Law program. In response to the results of a survey of training needs conducted by the Office of Information and Privacy in 1982, the Privacy Act segment was expanded this year to a separate full-day seminar featuring workshops as well as lectures.

An advanced Freedom of Information Act seminar, also developed in response to OIP's training survey, is planned by LEI to be offered for the first time in December. Anyone interested in attending either of these seminars should contact the Legal Education Institute at 673-6372. There is no charge for LEI training.

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Updated August 13, 2014