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April 22, 2011
On March 14, 2011, OIP announced the launch of, a comprehensive public resource for government-wide FOIA information and data.  In addition to the graphic display of data on agency FOIA compliance, one of the fundamental purposes of is to educate the public about how the FOIA works.  In keeping with this goal, the website’s News feature provides up-to-date information on new developments in the FOIA community, by streaming topical news stories, and its FOIA Spotlight focuses on significant and news-worthy document releases made by agencies across the federal government.   FOIA Spotlight stories, in particular, highlight the type of material that is being released under the FOIA, either through FOIA requests or agency proactive disclosures.  They allow the public to see the various types of information already being made available online.  These FOIA spotlights are an excellent way for people to see how the FOIA works in action and the abundance of material that is being posted on a regular basis as a result of federal agencies’ FOIA programs. Whenever new document releases are featured on FOIA.Gov, OIP will in turn highlight those releases in our own Spotlight on FOIA section.  Agencies are also encouraged to submit their own stories through the Agency Feedback e-mail address of, should they want to be featured on the website.

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