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Justice Department Chief FOIA Officer Highlights Importance of FOIA Training

FOIA Infographic

Earlier this year, OIP announced the availability of new electronic FOIA training resources at an event attended by representatives from across the federal government. The four new resources were designed to ensure that individuals at all levels of federal service have access to quality FOIA training, reinforcing the Department of Justice’s message that “FOIA is everyone’s responsibility.” Last month, Acting Associate Attorney General and Justice Department’s Chief FOIA Officer Stuart Delery reiterated this message in a memorandum to agency general counsels and Chief FOIA Officers.

OIP designed these resources to address the unique needs of multiple levels of the federal workforce. The FOIA Infographic is a one-page resource to help new employees understand what the FOIA is and how the FOIA process works at their agencies. An in-depth e-Learning course for FOIA professionals provides a training session on the major procedural and substantive requirements of the law, while a second e-Learning course for federal employees provides a brief primer on the FOIA and the responsibilities of these employees under the law. Finally, a presentation for agency senior executives emphasizes the importance of leadership support for an agency’s FOIA program.

In his memorandum, Acting Associate Attorney General Delery encouraged all “agencies to take advantage of these new training materials” and noted that:

“A proper understanding of the FOIA, including the correct application of the statute’s provisions and the Attorney General’s 2009 FOIA Guidelines, is fundamental to any successful FOIA operation.”

The Acting Associate Attorney General also directed agency leaders to ensure that all agency employees are aware of “the important role they play in implementing [the FOIA].” You can read the full text of this memorandum on our Training page.

Since their announcement, OIP has worked with agencies to ensure the availability of these resources to federal personnel. The FOIA Infographic and Senior Executive Briefing are available directly from our website. The e-Learning courses are designed for use within an agency’s Learning Management System. Requests for these courses, if your agency does not already have access to them, can be directed to our Training Staff at For more information on all of these resources, please visit our Training page.


Updated November 17, 2015