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OIP Director Testifies Before Senate Committee

On March 29, 2022, Office of Information Policy (OIP) Director Bobak Talebian testified in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee entitled, “The Freedom of Information Act: Improving Transparency and the American Public’s Right to Know for the 21st Century.”  In his testimony, Director Talebian highlighted the Attorney General’s new FOIA Guidelines, issued during Sunshine Week earlier this month.  He also discussed government-wide FOIA administration and OIP’s role in encouraging compliance with the FOIA, highlighting OIP’s guidance, training, and other resources; efforts to promote agency accountability through reporting; the work of the Chief FOIA Officers Council; and continued development of and the National FOIA Portal. 

Director Talebian acknowledged the challenges agencies have faced due to the high volume of complex requests and recent events, and reiterated OIP’s commitment to encouraging government-wide compliance with the FOIA. 

Read Director Talebian’s prepared statement to the Committee, or watch a webcast of the entire hearing.

Updated April 4, 2022