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Summary of Fiscal Year 2010 Annual FOIA Reports Now Available*

June 3, 2011
Today we posted our Summary of the Fiscal Year 2010 Annual FOIA Reports, which provides an overall snapshot of the administration of the FOIA across the entire government from the past fiscal year.  This summary provides detailed statistics and trends on such items as the number of FOIA requests received, processed, and backlogged; the disposition of FOIA requests and the use of FOIA Exemptions; the number of administrative appeals received, processed, and backlogged at departments and agencies; processing times for FOIA requests and appeals; as well as a number of other key measures concerning administration of the FOIA.  In compiling the Fiscal Year 2010 Summary OIP utilized FOIA.Gov, the new Department of Justice website for FOIA data.  All of the data from agencies’ Fiscal Year 2010 Annual FOIA Reports is available on FOIA.Gov, and can be downloaded in an open format. *Updated on July 5, 2011 to correct figures for Processing Time sections.

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