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Welcome to the New OIP Website

The following post is authored by Director Melanie Ann Pustay Welcome to the Office of Information Policy’s new website. As you can see, we have reorganized and reformatted our website, not only to update it, but also to make it easier to locate specific material. The first change we want to highlight is the change to FOIA Post itself. In the past, FOIA Post was an online newsletter that contained all FOIA-related guidance, case summaries, news, and announcements. With the redesign of our website, that content is now organized by category. So, for example, we have a button labeled “FOIA Guidance and Resources.” Located on that webpage is OIP Guidance, organized by year, as well as the FOIA statute, and the most recent FOIA amendments, and material on Exemption 3. Rather than having to scroll through all FOIA Post entries to locate those that contain OIP Guidance, you can now easily go directly to our guidance by clicking on the “OIP Guidance” link. In addition, on the “FOIA Guidance and Resources” page we have further broken down our content to make it easier to locate material. There are buttons to take you to the online version of the Department of Justice Guide to the FOIA, to summaries of new court decisions, to training materials, and to DOJ’s FOIA regulations. We also have a new page entitled “Key Dates and Reporting Requirements.” As the name suggests, that page provides ready reference to key dates and reporting requirements for both Annual FOIA Reports and Chief FOIA Officer Reports. FOIA Post itself will now become a blog. As we add content to our site we will alert you to that through FOIA Post. When we issue OIP Guidance we will announce that on FOIA Post. When we have upcoming training conferences, like our new FOIA Requester – Agency Town Hall meeting next Monday, we will let you know about that on FOIA Post. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the FOIA guidance and information you rely on us to provide, while making it easier to locate specific information that you are looking for.
Updated August 6, 2014