Johnson v. SSA, No. 4:12 CV 1604, 2013 WL 3228313 (E.D. Mo. June 24, 2013) (Sippel, J.)

Monday, June 24, 2013
Re: Request for name of administrative law judge assigned to preside over plaintiff's disability hearing Disposition: Granting defendant's motion to dismiss
  • Mootness:  The Court holds that plaintiff's request for the name of the judge assigned to her disability hearing is moot.  The name of the judge "was released to [plaintiff] before this lawsuit was filed."  Plaintiff "cannot show that she has a reasonable expectation of having another hearing before an SSA ALJ."  Her "complaint asserts only remote possibilities of appearing before an ALJ in the future."  "As a result she cannot meet the capable of evading review exception to the mootness doctrine."
District Court
Updated August 6, 2014