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Kuzma v. DOJ, No. 19-00597, 2023 U.S. LEXIS 64535 (W.D.N.Y. Apr. 12, 2023) (McCarthy, Mag. J.)


Esposito v. Ctr. Point Legal Sols., No. 23-0645, 2023 WL 2918025 (D. Minn. Apr. 12, 2023) (Nelson, J.)

Re:  Request for certain records concerning plaintiff

Disposition:  Dismissing plaintiff’s complaint

  • Procedural Requirements, Entities Subject to the FOIA:  The court holds that “[defendant] is not plausibly alleged by [plaintiff] to be a governmental entity subject to . . . FOIA . . . , and therefore [plaintiff] has not pleaded a plausible claim for relief under . . . FOIA . . . .”  The court explains that “FOIA does not apply to private entities.”  “FOIA applies to federal agencies, not non-governmental entities.”
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Litigation Considerations, In Camera Inspection
Updated May 10, 2023