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Love v. DHS, No. 12-1046, 2013 WL 4401805 (D.D.C. August 16, 2013) (Jackson, J.)

Re: Request for records concerning the requester Disposition: Granting defendant's request for summary judgment
  • Searching for Responsive Records:  The court holds that defendant "has met its burden in this case" of "adequately describe[ing] the scope and methods of its searches and demonstrate[ing] that the places most likely to contain responsive materials were searched."  The court rejects plaintiff's arguments and finds that "[t]aken at its word, [defendant] twice searched agency-wide computer databases; conducted a manual search of its Springfield, Illinois, office; interviewed the Secret Service agent who allegedly received copies of records from the [local] police; and sought additional information from Plaintiff in order to address, rather than ignore, the [local] police report that Plaintiff had appended to his FOIA request."  The court states that, "[t]his effort clearly meets the criteria for an adequate search, and Plaintiff's '[m]ere speculation that as yet uncovered documents may exist does not undermine the finding that the agency conducted a reasonable search for them.'"
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Updated August 6, 2014