Chief FOIA Officer Report Questions: Small-Volume Agencies

Agencies that Received less than 50 requests in Fiscal Year 2015

Content of 2017 Chief FOIA Officer Reports

Name and Title of your Agency’s Chief FOIA Officer

Please provide a short narrative (at least 500 words) for how your agency implemented the President’s FOIA Memorandum and the DOJ’s 2009 FOIA Guidelines during the reporting period.  Your narrative may include any steps taken to: apply the presumption of openness, ensure that your agency has an effective system in place for responding to requests, increase proactive disclosures, greater utilize technology, and improve timeliness in responding to requests and reducing any backlogs.  Please include in this narrative a description of your efforts to ensure that the FOIA is administered in a “spirit of cooperation,” highlighting, for example, steps taken to ensure that there is good communication and good customer service when working with requesters. 

Updated August 29, 2016

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