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Policy Initiatives

OLP works closely with DOJ components and other agencies to advance strategic priorities, including:

  • Protecting our national security by combating evolving threats by terrorists and other foreign and domestic actors seeking to harm the United States;
  • Reinvigorating the Department’s commitment to reduce violent crime to make every community safer;
  • Restoring the rule of law and protecting civil rights, ensuring that the laws of the United States are enforced and that the Constitutional order is upheld;
  • Recommitting the Department to enforcing our nation’s drug laws and combating the opioid crisis—the deadliest drug crisis in American history;
  • Enforcing a lawful, constitutional, and orderly immigration system that makes us safer and more secure;
  • Committing the Department to good government practices that advance justice and freedom while maintaining budgetary discipline.
Updated March 6, 2024