Included: Antitrust Division
Civil Division
Civil Rights Division
Environment and Natural Resources Division
Tax Division
United States Attorneys’ Offices

Compendium of Federal District Courts' Local ADR Rules
Federal Administrative Arbitration At-A-Glance
Federal Court-Annexed ADR Programs At-A-Glance
Constitutional Issues in Federal Arbitration
Evaluation of Civil Division ADR Program

Interagency ADR Working Group

Presidential Documents:

Presidential Memorandum on ADR (PDF)
Presidential Executive Order on Civil Justice Reform (PDF)

Congressional Statutes:

Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996   HTML | PDF
Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998   HTML | PDF

Federal Judicial Center Publications:

ADR in the Federal District Courts (PDF)
ADR in the Federal Courts of Appeals (PDF)

Final Opinions and Orders:

Attorney General Order on ADR (PDF)
Updated April 5, 2018

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