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About the Federal Bureau of Prisons
Access for 9-1-1 and Telephone Emergency Services Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, July 1998
Access for All: Five Years of Progress, A Report from DOJ on Enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, October 2006
Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities, June 2003
PDF Screen VersionPDF Print Version, 1.58 MB
Accessible Stadiums
Accomplishments of the U.S. Department of Justice 2001-2009, Jan 2009
Accountability Reports, Annual
Activities and Operations of the Public Integrity Section, Report to Congress
The ADA and City Governments: Common Problems, May 2000
ADA: Assistance at Self-Serve Gas Stations, May 1999 | PDF
ADA Best Practices Toolkit for State and Local Governments, July 2007
ADA Checklist for Emergency Shelters, July 2007
ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities
ADA Checklist for Polling Places, February 2004
ADA Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal, 1995
ADA Design Guide 1 - Restriping Parking Lots | PDF
ADA Guide For Places of Lodging: Serving Guests Who Are Blind or Who Have Low Vision,  2001 | PDF
ADA Guide for Small Businesses
ADA Guide for Small Towns, March 2000
ADA Information Services, March 2004
ADA Mediation Program, July 1998
ADA Regulations and Technical Assistance Materials
ADA Standards for Accessible Design
ADA Title II Highlights
ADA Title II Technical Assistance Manual (1993) and 1994 Supplement
ADA Title III Highlights
ADA Title III Technical Assistance Manual (1993) and 1994 Supplement
Addressing Police Misconduct: Laws Enforced By the United States Department of Justice, October 2000
Text Version
Additional Guidance on the Use of Monitors in Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Non-Prosecution Agreements with Corporations, May 2010 HTML | PDF
Age Patterns in Violent Victimization, 1976-2000, February 2002
Agency Financial Reports
Agroterrorism--Why We're Not Ready: A Look at the Role of Law Enforcement, December 2006
Alcatraz, A Brief History
Allegations of Mishandling of Classified Documents by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, September 2008
Allegations of Politicized Hiring and Other Improper Personnel Actions in the Civil Rights Division, an Investigation, January 2009
Allegations of Politicized Hiring by Monica Goodling and Other Staff in the Office of the Attorney General, an Investigation, July 2008
Allegations of Racial and Criminal Misconduct at the Good Ol’ Boy Roundup, March 1996
Alleged Deception of Congress: The Congressional Task Force on Immigration Reform's Fact-Finding Visit to the Miami District of INS in June 1995, 1996
American Indians and Crime: A BJS Statistical Profile, 1992-2002, December 2004
Americans with Disabilities see ADA
Analysis of Diversity in the Attorney Workforce, June 2002 3.80 MB
Annual Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Reports to Congress
Annual Performance and Accountability Reports
Annual Performance Reports
Annual Report to Congress and Assessment of U.S. Government Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons
Annual Reports of the Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program
Annual Reports to Congress Pursuant to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Amendments of 1976
Antitrust Division Manual
Antitrust Enforcement and Intellectual Property Rights: Promoting Innovation and Competition, April 2007
Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer
An Antitrust Primer for Law Enforcement Personnel
Appeals from General Civil Trials in 46 Large Counties, 2001-2005, July 2006
Arrest-Related Deaths in the United States
Assessing Measurement Techniques for Identifying Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Observation-Based Data Collection in Airports and at Immigration Checkpoints, January 2003
Assessing the Accuracy of State Prisoner Statistics, February 1999
Asset Forfeiture Program, Annual Reports to Congress
Assets Forfeiture Fund and Seized Asset Deposit Fund Annual Financial Statements
Assistance at Self-Serve Gas Stations, May 1999
Asylum Statistics By Nationality
ATF Firearms Trace Data
ATF National Firearms Act Handbook
Attorney General Guidelines For Victim and Witness Assistance (PDF), Effective May 2012
Attorney General's Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations
Letter from the Attorney General to Congress on Litigation Involving the Defense of Marriage Act, February 17, 2012 (PDF)
Letter from the Attorney General and the Secretary of Education to State School Superintendents and Attorneys General Addressing the Needs of Confined Youth, June 9, 2014(PDF)
The Attorney General's May 22, 2013, Letter to Congress on U.S. Counterterrorism Operations, May 22, 2013 (PDF)
Attorney General's Trafficking in Persons Report FY 2015 | FY 2014
Attorney General Holder Announces Formation of Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group to Focus on Energy Markets, April 2011 (PDF)
Audit of Legislative and Public Affairs Expenses in the Department of Justice, Audit Report 08-25, July 2008, July 2008



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