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Payment Instructions

Civil Debts

All civil debts are received and processed by the Financial Litigation Unit. Personal checks are acceptable, made payable to the "Department of Justice" and mailed to the United States Attorney's Office, Attention: Financial Litigation Unit, 157 Church Street, 25th Floor, New Haven, Connecticut, 06510.

All civil monetary obligations to the United States may be paid via   Payments in the amount of $50,000 or more are required to be sent via electronic funds transfer directly to the United States Treasury, using the forms supplied here.   The Financial Litigation Unit must be contacted at least three (3) business days prior to the electronic fund transfer to ensure that the transfer is properly processed.

Electronic Fund Transfer Information

Criminal Debts

All special assessments, fines and restitution payments are received and processed by the United States District Court's Clerk's Office. The Clerk's Office maintains the official docket of the case and issues copies of receipts to the debtor and the United States Attorney's Office. The Clerk's Office does not accept personal checks. Checks should be made payable to the "Clerk, United States District Court" and should also reference the docket number assigned to the case. The Clerk's Office also accepts electronic funds transfers. For further instructions or mailing information, contact the Clerk's Office directly at the following locations.

Bridgeport: (203) 579-5861
Hartford: (860) 240-3200
New Haven: (203) 773-2140

Updated June 14, 2021

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