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Multi Victim Case Notifications

Below is a list of the Cases available on our Multi Victim Updates Web Notification Service.
Click on either the docket number or the case name to see the list of notices available for that case. All notices are in Adobe Acrobate PDF format. If you system does not have Adobe Acrobate Reader loaded, please click the button below to download a free version from Adobe.

Docket #
Case Name
3:07-CR-12 (JCH) US v. Bogdan Boceanu
3:16-CR-29 (MPS) US v. Timothy Burke, et al.
3:16-CR-201 (JAM) US v. Christian Meissenn
3:17-CR-9 (JAM) US v. Corey Brinson
3:17-CR-93 (JAM) US v. Damian Delgado
3:17-CR-96 (JAM) US v. William Lieberman
3:17-CR-158 (RNC)
3:17-CR-179 (JAM)
US v. Garza
US v. Daniel Ojo
Updated September 12, 2017