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Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

On September 1-3, 2015, the United States Attorneys Office, along with our partners, hosted the 12th Annual Protect Our Children Conference at the Saint Charles Convention Center.  The audience of 300 people consisted of law enforcement, victim service providers and advocates, medical practitioners, clergy and counselors.  The reviews of the event were excellent, and we are happy to report that next year’s conference will be hosted by the District of Kansas.

In the next few weeks we will be meeting with our partners at Saint Louis University to plan the 2015 Leadership Class held annually at SLU.  Each year we invite 30 law enforcement commanders from the region for a four-day course in leadership issues.

Additionally, we will begin planning the 2015 Corporate Anti-Terrorism Conference.  This will be our twelfth year for this event.  Held at Washington University, we normally host about 100+ corporate security advisors, law enforcement and military to discuss anti-terrorism issues for the corporate community.  The final date has not been set, but we will probably hold the event in early June, 2015.

Updated October 7, 2015