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Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

In keeping with the mission of the Department of Justice, the LEC has recently formulated and implemented several training classes for our local and state law enforcement partners.  The training has focused on combating violent crime by training law enforcement the basic tenets that create a successful federal prosecution.  

The LEC, along with our partners at Saint Louis University and the Saint Louis Police Academy, are continuing their commitment to training future leaders in law enforcement.  The annual leadership training at SLU is projected to start this spring, with a new curriculum to include Corporate Security Leaders and Military personnel training alongside our law enforcement partners.  

Of continued importance is the Law Enforcement Safety Initiative which offers federal, state and local law enforcement training and technical assistance through the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice.  The LEC continues to be committed to providing information to all law enforcement entities on such topics as Officer Safety and Wellness with the Valor Program offered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.  There are many other programs and grants available that the LEC is dedicated to assisting state and local law enforcement in his role as liaison to the United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Missouri. 

Updated October 23, 2019