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Community Outreach

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is committed to community outreach, public safety programming, and crime prevention efforts. The Office’s Outreach Coordinator and other USAO personnel work with many agencies and organizations to enhance community relations and public safety to help make our nine counties safer and more secure.

Our Office is dedicated to participating in many programs in our community, including the following:

Big Brothers Big Sisters provides support to children facing adversity and helps them succeed through one-on-one mentorships with adults in the community.  Approximately twice a month, the "Littles" (students from Dr. Ethel Allen Promise Academy in Philadelphia) travel to the U.S. Attorney's Office to meet with their "Bigs" (our volunteers) for one hour. Students and volunteers share their experiences, do activities together, and create strong, lasting mentoring relationships. Our volunteers conduct a variety of activities with their "Littles," including playing board games, arts and crafts, educational exercises, and more.

Chester Youth Court is an alternative to punitive and zero-tolerance school discipline policies. It seeks to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by preventing students who commit minor offenses from being suspended. By keeping offending students (respondents) in school, it allows them to continue their education while accepting responsibility for their misbehavior. Youth Court is intended to be restorative rather than punitive and provides the offending student with the self-empowerment and critical-thinking tools necessary to avoid misbehavior in the future. Our Office partners with the Chester-Upland School District in Chester, PA.

Philadelphia Reads provides access to books and offers community programs to foster a love of reading and increase literacy in Philadelphia. Each school year, our Office pairs with an elementary school to read with students once a week. This opportunity allows the children to practice their reading skills with an interested, engaged adult.

If you would like to request a speaker from the Office for an event or to give a presentation on a specific topic, please direct your request to Outreach Coordinator Michele Mucellin at 215-861-8218 or

Updated June 11, 2020