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Administrative Division

Joseph Liciardello is the Administrative Officer for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The Division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services that support the mission of the United States Attorney's Office. It provides policy and procedural direction, in addition to central services support, for the District in all areas of management and administration, including Acquisitions; Financial Management; Human Resources; Litigation Support; Records and Information Management; Support Services; and Systems Support. The Administrative Officer is the principal advisor to the United States Attorney and the District on all administrative matters.


The Acquisitions Staff awards contracts and provides post-award administration services on behalf of the District for supplies, equipment and services. The Acquisitions Staff develops and implements acquisition policy and procedures, provides business advice and guidance, and manages all aspects of the acquisition process.

Financial Management

The Financial Unit is responsible for the formulation, execution, and monitoring of the District's financial resources. Responsibilities include the prompt payment, via electronic funds transfer, of vendor invoices and employee travel reimbursement. The Unit also manages the budget formulation and management process.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit staff provides recruitment, staffing, position classification, employee relations, personnel recordkeeping, benefits, personnel processing services, as well as policy guidance.

The Unit is also responsible for Pre-Employment and reinvestigation security, pay and performance administration, and processing time and attendance records.

Litigation Support

The Litigation Support Unit partners with the litigating staff to support all phases of prosecution, including investigations, indictments, discovery, trial, sentencing and appeals. The Unit utilizes a variety of litigation and investigative-specific software packages to facilitate this process.

Records and Information Management

The Records and Information Management Unit provides analytical and program management work to ensure all USAO records and information, in all media including paper, CD, DVD, tapes, and voice mail, are created, maintained and disposed of in accordance with federal and Departmental guidelines.

Support Services

The Support Services Staff provides direct support and oversight in the broad functional areas of property management and support services. Property management includes oversight at the District level of space acquisition or release, relocation, design, renovation, repair, overtime utilities, and management of the space inventory. Support Services includes oversight at the District level of personal property, vehicles, forms management, audio / visual, printing, mail delivery and metering, and all office moves.

Systems Support

The Systems Support Unit is responsible for all automated systems within the District. It is divided into three areas: office automation, case management, and telecommunications. The office automation staff maintains the office network and provides support to the end users. The case management staff is responsible for the docketing and reporting of all cases in the district. Finally, the telecommunications staff is responsible for the telephone system, video teleconferences, and connectivity maintenance.


Updated July 8, 2021