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Civil Division

Civil Chief Gregory B. David leads the Civil Division of 28 attorneys. Civil AUSAs are generalist litigators who represent the federal government and its agencies and employees in civil litigation in the District.  The District is known as a major originator of affirmative civil enforcement actions to address fraud on the United States, and for its efforts to enforce a wide variety of federal statutes and agency regulations such as the Controlled Substances Act, civil rights laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and environmental laws (including support of DOJ's Office of Environmental Justice), and for its efforts to prosecute predatory lending and drug diversion.  Civil AUSAs work with Inspectors General of many agencies to investigate and litigate under the False claims Act and its whistleblower provisions.  Our affirmative civil enforcement pursues nationwide fraud schemes in the pharmaceutical industry, quality of care concerns in nursing homes, residential facilities, and personal care homes.

The Civil Division also defends the United States and its federal agencies when they are sued.   Primary areas of practice are tort cases, including medical malpractice and Constitutional tort cases, and discrimination cases alleging discrimination in hiring and employment practices by federal agencies. Other areas of practice include judicial review of administrative findings, immigration, bankruptcy, and debts owed the United States or its agencies.

Criminal Division

Criminal Chief Richard P. Barrett leads the Criminal Division, which consists of 93 Assistant United States Attorneys.  For management purposes, the Criminal Division is divided into eight teams.  Attorneys in the Criminal Division are assigned to teams, and the team leader serves as an administrative head of the team. 

The team leaders also serve as subject matter chiefs. They maintain expertise in these areas and maintain relationships with the investigative agencies in their subject matter. The sections are:

  • National Security and Cyber Crime
  • Economic Crimes 
  • Health Care, Government Fraud, and Environmental Crimes
  • Violent Crime and Firearms
  • Narcotics and Organized Crime
  • Official Corruption, Tax Fraud, and Civil Rights
  • Appeals
  • Asset Forfeiture, Victim Witness, and Financial Litigation

The Criminal Division also includes approximately 51 Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys assigned from other federal agencies and local prosecutors' offices to handle firearms offenses and other matters.

Administrative Division

Administrative Officer Joseph Liciardello leads the Administrative Division for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The Division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services that support the mission of the United States Attorney's Office. It provides policy and procedural direction, in addition to central services support, for the District in all areas of management and administration, including Acquisitions; Financial Management; Human Resources; Litigation Support; Support Services; and Systems Support. The Administrative Officer is the principal advisor to the United States Attorney and the District on all administrative matters.

Updated February 7, 2023