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Threat Intervention and Prevention (TIP) Network

Created in 2021 under the leadership of Acting United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams, the mission of the TIP Network is to create a partnership with the community focused on preventing mass violence before it occurs, through the early identification and assessment of potential threats.  The TIP Network has two interrelated components – the “Core Team” and the “Community Team.” The Core Team is comprised of threat-assessment experts from over a dozen law enforcement agencies.  The larger Community Team is comprised of organizations throughout the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from a variety of sectors, including private businesses, non-profit organizations, educational and medical institutions, community and religious groups, and more. The Community Team receives regular training by the Core Team and has direct, confidential access to the Core Team for individualized training and to consult as needed about potential threats and proven mitigation techniques.

The TIP Network’s success is driven by the involvement and dedication of our Community Team. To learn more about the TIP Network, please

. To be placed on the Community Team’s email list, email us directly at Working together will keep all of us safe.

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Updated November 9, 2021