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United States v. Morelli and Marciniak

U.S. v. Morelli, et al; U.S. v. Marciniak

Criminal Docket Number 14-129; Criminal Docket Number 14-133

This case involves a market manipulation scheme in connection with the trading of stock in Super Nova Resources, Inc. (“SNRR”).  The defendants - Carl Marciniak,  Jeffrey Weinfurter, James Wheeler, Daniel Starczewski, Danny Colon, and Louis Buonocore - are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.  According to the indictment, the defendants ran the scheme with the intent to cause approximately $150 million in losses to participants in the over-the-counter U.S. securities market.

Victim notification - Morelli; Victim notification - Marciniak

Morelli Information; Marciniak Indictment

Updated December 24, 2015