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April Eggers

Working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office has been one of the most beneficial experiences that I have had thus far in law school. With my limited license I have been able to participate in numerous court proceedings ranging from immigration, fraud, drug distribution, and gun and gang violence. I work closely with AUSA’s providing research, investigation, memorandums, plea agreements, and motions. I was also fortunate enough to work on significant portions of a ninth circuit brief that was filed during my externship. The AUSA’s allow the externs to take full ownership of the projects assigned, which provides for invaluable learning opportunities. The AUSA’s are willing to give deference to your opinions and they respect our input as valuable information. Additionally, the brown bag lecture series and writing workshops provided practical skill building with a classroom component. The structure and rigorous nature of the externship is by far one of the best externships in country. 

April Eggers

University of Idaho College of Law

Class of 2017

Updated October 4, 2016