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Brittnie Roehm - University of Idaho

I had the pleasure of serving at the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho during the summer and fall of my 3L year. As a legal intern with my limited license, I had the opportunity to appear in a variety of court proceedings such as initial appearances, change of plea hearings, and sentencing hearings. I also had the opportunity to draft motions, responses, and trial briefs, which greatly improved my legal writing. In addition to the courtroom and writing experience, the benefits of working for the U.S. Attorney’s include a supportive and friendly work environment, and thoughtful and attentive supervisors.

During my externship, I worked with several different attorneys, which exposed me to an array of legal styles and backgrounds. Every Assistant U.S. Attorney that I worked with was supportive of me and of each other. It was really refreshing to be in an environment of intelligent, self-assured, and kind attorneys who seemed genuinely excited about their careers.

Most importantly, this externship was instrumental in helping me decide that I want to be a prosecutor. I learned that prosecutors have the exceptional opportunity to weigh the defendant’s motivations, criminal history, and remorse, against the impact of his/her crime on society and then, from that balancing test, to ask the court for that which is fair.

My externship at the U.S. Attorney’s Office taught me that there is an exciting and rewarding alternative to working at "a big firm." I would highly recommend this externship to any law student.

Brittnie Roehm
University of Idaho
Class of 2015


Updated September 25, 2018