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Christopher Sherman Yale Law School

Spending thirteen weeks in Boise, Idaho at the U.S. Attorney's Office was the perfect way to spend my summer. I discovered interesting and new practice areas, refined legal reading, thinking, and writing skills, gained unique insight into the federal court system, discovered what life as an Assistant U.S. Attorney is like, and developed genuine relationships with professional and personal mentors.

During my summer, I learned about varied practice areas in both criminal and civil law. Under the supervision of Criminal Division attorneys, I researched and wrote memorandums, wrote motions, and drafted indictments on guns, drugs, gangs, intellectual property crimes, asset forfeiture, and immigration. Under the supervision of the Civil Division, I worked on environmental and natural resources cases and worked on a large class-action lawsuit. Additionally, I was lucky enough to draft a brief for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a summer extern, it is easy to gain considerable experience in federal court. Attorneys often came by my desk to encourage me to attend various court proceedings. During the summer, I witnessed grand jury proceedings, pre-trial conferences, plea agreements, and sentencing hearings.

Everyone at the U.S. Attorney in Boise is passionate about the program and is genuinely excited to help craft a summer that is suited to a student's own personal interests and goals. Best yet, the Assistant United States Attorneys are serious about helping to cultivate law students' careers by involving externs in everyday activities, giving feedback that is outstanding in both its quality and quantity, and by making themselves available as mentors to externs curious about various career paths.

The attorneys, staff, and externs of the U.S. Attorney's Office formed a cohesive community that was a safe, but challenging place to explore new skill sets and ideas. From conference meetings to a trip to the Snake River Stampede, I always felt like an integral team member throughout the summer. If a student wants to find out what life is like at a U.S. Attorney's Office, I can't imagine a better place to summer.

Updated February 11, 2015