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Kanoa Gordon

The opportunity to extern for the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Idaho, was invaluable. Everyone at the office was friendly and approachable, a major plus of the experience. The Assistant United States’ Attorneys (AUSA’s) went out of their way to find interesting projects for me to work on and treated me as an equal. A neat aspect of the program was that every week a different AUSA gave all of the externs at the office a presentation on their area of expertise. Some of the projects I was given included drafting part of an appellate brief, compiling jury instructions, and assisting with a money laundering case.


I was also honored to appear in court behalf of the government at a sentencing and several plea hearings.


Another highlight of the externship was the chance to work with several different law enforcement agencies. I met agents from the D.E.A., Homeland Security, A.T.F., the U.S. Marshal’s Office, and the F.B.I.


What makes this externship stand out is the chance to develop your writing skills AND make court appearances. The opportunity to draft memos addressing legal issues is constantly available. By the end of the externship, not only will you be more confident in your analytical abilities, but you’ll have an excellent writing sample to give to future employers. Additionally, the chance to appear in court and advocate the government’s position is a terrific learning experience.


I enthusiastically recommend this externship and am grateful for the opportunity to serve the United States Attorney’s Office for a summer.


Kanoa Gordon

J.D. Candidate, 2017

University of Idaho College of Law

Updated April 3, 2017