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Nicholas McDonald

Interning with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho has been, by far, the best portion of my legal education to this point. Everybody from the U.S. Attorney on down is incredibly capable and engaged in their work, but also absolutely willing to take the time to explain things to you and share lessons from their time in the field.

This office is also a great place to get hands-on legal experience. While the attorneys offer plenty of guidance, they also trust interns to take on substantive assignments and deliver a usable product. During my time in Boise, I was given the chance to draft a circuit court brief, assist on another, and also got to see issues that I had researched get argued in federal court. I don’t think that any class could replicate the experience of actually taking part in the legal process, and this office was more than happy to provide that opportunity.

Boise is also a great place to live or spend a summer, and I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Nicholas McDonald

J.D. Candidate, 2018

Georgetown University Law Center

Updated April 3, 2017