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The District of Maryland includes two geographic divisions. The Southern Division, shown in gray below, includes the counties of Calvert, Charles, Prince George's, Montgomery and St. Mary's. Cases arising in the Southern Division are filed in the Greenbelt federal courthouse, in Prince George's County. Approximately 18 Assistant U.S. Attorneys are based in Greenbelt. 

The Northern Division, shown in red below, includes the city of Baltimore, and the remaining 18 counties. Cases arising in the Northern Division are filed in the Baltimore federal courthouse. Approximately 50 criminal and civil lawyers handle cases in the Northern Division from our office in downtown Baltimore. 

Map of Maryland showing north and south geographic divisions as described in text

Southern Division

The Southern Division Office, located across the street from the U.S. Courthouse in Greenbelt, prosecutes federal crimes occurring in Prince George's, Montgomery, Charles, Calvert and St. Mary's counties and involving the same categories of cases that are prosecuted in Baltimore by the Violent Crimes, Narcotics, Fraud and Public Corruption and Major Crimes sections.

Violent crime prosecution priorities in Greenbelt include utilizing federal racketeering, conspiracy and firearms statutes to disrupt violent gangs and reduce gang activity. The scope of these gang prosecutions ranges from local to national and international. In Prince George's County, the Greenbelt office works with federal agencies, local prosecutors, and state and local police to implement Maryland EXILE. The office also prosecutes violent crime offenses, including homicides, arising on exclusive federal enclaves.

Southern Division narcotics cases frequently involve multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies and task forces. Using undercover agents, confidential informants, consensual and Title III wiretaps, multiple-location searches and a host of other law enforcement techniques, narcotics investigations in Greenbelt have resulted in the successful prosecutions of high-level cocaine traffickers from Columbia and Guatemala, heroin traffickers from Nigeria and Pakistan, marijuana traffickers from Jamaica, and individuals throughout the United States who participated in conspiracies involving these drugs, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and other controlled substances, or facilitated conspiracies by laundering drug proceeds. In narcotics and violent crime investigations and prosecutions, the Southern Division coordinates with the United States Attorney's Offices for the District of Columbia and the Eastern District of Virginia in cases where criminal conduct crosses jurisdictional lines.

Greenbelt prosecutors also investigate and prosecute significant public corruption and fraud cases. Public corruption cases involve state and local government officials and employees of the many federal agencies located in the Southern Division. Fraud cases range from complex corporate fraud cases involving corporations on the I-270 technology corridor to investment and mortgage fraud schemes that target immigrants, the elderly and other vulnerable victims.

Like the Major Crimes Section in Baltimore, the Greenbelt office prosecutes a wide array of other federal offenses, including child pornography, bank robberies, immigration violations, and counterfeiting.

The Southern Division office also handles thousands of misdemeanor cases that occur on areas of exclusive federal jurisdiction such as the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, the National Institutes of Health, and military bases.

Updated March 22, 2021