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The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland recognizes the importance of successful reentry.  The primary focus of our reentry efforts is to remove or reduce barriers to successful reentry, so that motivated individuals are able to compete for a job, attain stable housing, support their families, and contribute to their communities.  

Reentry initiatives rely on collaborative efforts between service providers and law enforcement, engaging returning citizens with resources for employment training, education, housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment, child support modification, and other tools needed for success. Law enforcement and prosecution partners also provide an education about the consequences of returning to criminal activity.  


Description of Reentry Resource Guide

Returning citizens may not have been incarcerated in the same jurisdiction to which they are returning, which can make it difficult to locate and access services upon leaving a correctional facility. In an effort to support men and women in successful reentry, the U.S. Attorney's Office has compiled the Maryland Reentry Resource guide posted below.  The guide is broken down by county and provides up to date information on federal, state, local, and nonprofit services.

Reentry Resource Guide

*If you are as service provider and would like to be in the directory or submit any changes, please contact Elizabeth Canfil at


State Resources

For information on ID and Driver’s licenses click here

For information on Employment click here

For information on Apprenticeship programs click here

For information on Federal Bonding click here


Upcoming Events

  1. Job fairs
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  3. Resume Writing


Community Outreach

Updated April 27, 2021

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