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Administrative Division

The Administrative Division plans and executes a comprehensive range of services to support the employees of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Alabama.

The Administrative Officer manages the Administrative Division and serves as the main advisor to the United States Attorney on administrative matters. The Administrative programs include;  Finance and Budget, Human Resource Management, Facilities Management, Information Technology, Litigation Support, Records Management, Telecommunication Services, Procurement and Property Management.

The Administrative Division provides guidance to the staff on U. S. Attorney policies and procedures.

The Administrative Division personnel include, Budget Officer, Information Technology System Manager, Information Technology Litigation Support Specialist, Contracting Officer, Administrative Services Specialist, Administrative Technician , Information Receptionist and part-time college Student Clerks.

The mission of the Administrative Division is to provide administrative service to all staff members of the United States Attorney's Office.

Updated November 10, 2020