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The Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of Montana’s United States Attorney’s office consists of 17 Assistant United States Attorneys: 5 in the Helena office, 5 in the Billings office, 3 in the Great Falls office and 4 in the Missoula office. These federal prosecutors are responsible for enforcing the entire array of federal crimes, including white collar fraud, drug trafficking, child pornography, environmental crime, firearms violations and violent crime in Indian Country.

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The Civil Division

The Civil Division for the District of Montana litigates all manner of civil lawsuits involving the United States as a party. In broad terms, these lawsuits are divided into defensive and affirmative cases, but upon closer inspection, we handle many different kinds of lawsuits. We defend torts, federal employment discrimination claims, and medical malpractice claims based on treatment at federal medical facilities.

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The Financial Litigation Unit

The Financial Litigation Unit (FLU) is responsible for the enforcement of mone-tary impositions ordered as a result of civil judgments and criminal convictions in the United States District Court for the District of Montana.

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Updated September 26, 2022