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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Glacier Park Murder Prosecution Team Receive Award From Montana U.S. Attorney

HELENA- Seven investigators and the U.S. Attorney's Office trial team in the Jordan Graham murder investigation received a total of fourteen awards from Montana U.S. Attorney Mike Cotter today. The awards honor law enforcement in Montana who demonstrate integrity, candor, fairness and reliability in high profile, high stakes cases and investigations. In early July 2013, Graham killed her husband of eight days by pushing him off a remote cliff in Glacier National Park in northern Montana.

The following investigative team members received the U.S. Attorney's Excellence Award: Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agents Steve Liss and Stacy E. Smiedala, Kalispell Police Department Captain Scott Warnell and Detectives Melissa Smith and Cory Clarke, National Park Service Special Agent Justin Ivary, and Flathead County Sheriff's Office Commander Dick Sine.

The trial team at the U.S. Attorney's Office also received from U.S. Attorney Cotter the Themis Award, which honors the diligent work of prosecution teams for successful prosecution of difficult and significant cases in the district. Themis was a Goddess of divine justice and law. Recipients of the award are: United States Assistant Attorneys Kris McLean and Zeno Baucus, and staff prosecution members, including Irene Pocklington, Cassie Potter, Sheryl Wyman, Colette Edam, and Kimberlee Taylor.

The conviction of Graham happened because of the incredible investigative team and a hard-working and talented trial team which worked tirelessly to propel this case to a right and just conclusion," said Montana U.S. Attorney Mike Cotter. "The United States Department of Justice and the Montana United States Attorney's Office extend our profound appreciation and thank you to the agents, officers, attorneys and trial support team involved in this investigation."

Updated January 14, 2015