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Cybersecurity Resources

Online Shopping

Before making any online purchases, make sure the device you’re using to shop online is up-to-date.


Protect Your Credit Cards


Protect Against Phishing

  • Don't open e-mails from senders you are not familiar with
  • Don't click on a link inside of an e-mail unless you know it's from a trusted source
  • Ensure you are on the website you intend to visit; check the URL carefully
  • Ensure you are on a trusted website before proividing personal information
  • Keep your anti-malware security software up to date allowing for automatic updates
  • Read more:


Keeping Children Safe Online

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) suggests reviewing the following tips and resources for information to keep students cyber safe:


Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi


Protecting Your Business


In the Event of a Breach

  • Contact the IRS and law enforcement.
  • Report customer data theft to your local stakeholder liaison.
  • File a police report and contact the local Federal Bureau of Investigation office if advised to do so.
  • Email the Federation of Tax Administrators at to get information on how to report victim information to the states.
  • Report the breach to State Attorney General for each state in which you prepare returns. (Most states require the state's respective attorney general to be notified of data breaches.)


Additional Resources



Updated February 22, 2022