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At the direction of the United States Attorney General, every U.S. Attorney's office has established an Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC). The ATAC is a working partnership, a coordinating council among federal, state, and local law enforcement, military, homeland security and emergency management partners. The ATAC principal objective is to synchronize local, state and federal efforts to prevent, prepare for and respond to terrorism incidents.

The US Attorney’s ATAC/National Security Team is comprised of Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul F. Daly and National Security Specialist Brian J. Pires.

The ATAC facilitates terrorism and national security information sharing and coordinates investigative and prosecutorial counter terrorism strategies as well as anti-terrorism and homeland security initiatives and exercises. The ATAC also plays a central role in the development and delivery of terrorism training for local, state and federal law enforcement officers, homeland security professionals and emergency managers. To discuss training opportunities, please call Brian Pires at (401) 709-5042.


Updated May 18, 2017