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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

United States Attorney's Office announces guilty verdict in Fishers bank robbery


INDIANAPOLIS - Josh J. Minkler, Acting United States Attorney, announced today the guilty verdict in a five-day jury trial of a Fort Wayne man for charges related to a Fishers bank robbery.  Deandre Armour, 39, Fort Wayne, was convicted in federal court before U. S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker late last week for conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery, bank robbery and brandishing a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

Acting United States Attorney Josh Minkler said, “This robbery attempt was well thought out and planned for weeks by Mr. Armour.  I hope he, and any others who plan bank robberies in this district, understand we will hold you accountable for your actions by putting you in federal prison for a very long time.”

In early June 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) learned that Armour and several others were planning to commit bank robberies in the vicinity of Indianapolis.  FBI agents began surveillance of Armour as he cased a Community Bank branch located on Reynolds Drive in Fishers.  Agents watched Armour case the same bank for approximately two weeks.

By June 25, 2013, Armour had decided to rob the Community Bank the following morning.  Armour and several associates traveled to Fishers from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  That evening, Armour and two conspirators purchased items to be used in the robbery, including clothing for disguises, zip ties, latex gloves, and a set of two-way radios.

Early the morning of June 26, 2013, Armour and a conspirator dropped off two accomplices, Duryea Rogers and Xavier Hardy, near the Community Bank, where they hid themselves in a dumpster enclosure near the back door to the bank.  Rogers and Hardy wore disguises provided by Armour and carried loaded firearms.  Shortly thereafter, Armour and two other accomplices parked in a nearby parking lot where Armour could observe the bank and where he directed the activities of Rogers and Hardy by two-way radio.

A bank employee arrived at about 8:00 AM, and when she went to unlock the back door, Rogers and Hardy emerged from hiding and forced her into the bank at gunpoint.  When the employee was unable to open the vault by herself, Rogers forced her onto the floor where he secured her hands and feet with zip ties.  Rogers and Hardy then stole the employee’s car and fled.  Armour and his accomplices followed in two other vehicles.

FBI agents and officers of the Fishers Police Department quickly tracked the three vehicles to the vicinity of North-by-Northeast Boulevard and Carney Drive near 96th Street in Fishers.  Hardy, who was still armed, was apprehended in a hotel lot after a short foot chase.  Duryea Rogers fled into a nearby hotel, where he was arrested after officers found him hiding in a closet.  Rogers’ handgun, and various other evidence, was found nearby.

Three other accomplices have pleaded guilty prior to trial for their role in the robbery.

Duryea Rogers 28, Fort Wayne- received a 12 year sentence
Xavier Hardy, 27, Fort Wayne, awaiting sentencing
Tahitia Burnett, 42, Fort Wayne, awaiting sentencing

“Special Agent in Charge W. Jay Abbott of the Indianapolis Office of the FBI wishes to recognize the significant contributions made by the officers from the Fishers Police Department who work diligently with the members of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force to identify and apprehend these dangerous individuals.  Our law enforcement partnerships help to ensure that violent criminals are removed from the streets”.

According to Assistant United States Attorneys William L. McCoskey and Michelle P. Brady, who prosecuted this case for the government, Armour faces up to life in prison for his crime.

Updated January 29, 2015