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United States v. Alejandro Arias-Perez, Case No. 17-R-00040

Case Summary:

On May 11, 2017, Arias-Perez was charged in the Western District of Wisconsin with installing credit card skimmers at two gas stations in Madison on August 12, 2016. On April 27, 2017. a search warrant was executed at Arias-Perez’s residence in Miami, Florida. During the search, agents located various electronic devices and equipment used for stealing credit card information. Based on a forensic analysis of the electronic equipment recovered from Arias-Perez’s residence and the recovered skimmers in the case, investigators have determined that Arias-Perez is responsible for the theft of approximately 57,000 credit card numbers.
Anyone that has incurred a loss as a result of this case, and wishes to provide victim impact and financial loss figures, please fill out the Declaration of Loss and Victim Impact Statement that is located in the ATTACHMENTS below and return them as outlined on those documents.

Case Name
United States v. Alejandro Arias-Perez, Case No. 17-R-00040
Updated April 25, 2018