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FY 2011 Exhibit 300s

In accordance with OMB Circular A-11, Section 22.6, agencies are required to make Exhibit 300s available to the public. The Exhibit 300s reflect the final decisions in the Department's President's budget. The IT Exhibit 300 PDFs are now generated by the Office of Management and Budget's IT Dashboard based on the data submission from each agency. The IT Dashboard uses this data to calculate cost, schedule and overall performance of these investments. Through the IT Dashboard, Federal agencies and the public have unprecedented visibility into Federal information technology (IT) investments. Both non-IT and IT Exhibit 300s are listed below.

Department of Justice Information Technology (IT) Performance Dashboard

Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

BOP Inmate Telephone System (TRUFONE)

Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Non-IT Exhibit 300s (not included on the IT dashboard)

FCI Berlin, NH
FCI Florida
FCI Hazelton, WV
FCI McDowell, WV
FCI Mendota, CA
FCI Midwestern/Leavenworth, KS
FCI North Central Region
Secure Female FCI, Aliceville, AL
USP Bennettsville, SC
USP El Reno, OK (Western)
USP Letcher County, KY
USP South Central/Forrest City, AR
USP Thomson, IL
USP Yazoo City, MS

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

FBI Biometric Interoperability
FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division Wide Area Network (CJIS WAN)
FBI Data Integration and Visualization System (DIVS)
FBI Digital Collection
FBI Enterprise Telephony
FBI Guardian (Formerly FTTS)
FBI Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
FBI Law Enforcement National Data Exchange Program
FBI Law Enforcement Online (LEO)
FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
FBI Network Services
FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI)
FBI Prevention of Information Technology Obsolescence (PITO)
FBI Terrorist Screening System (TSS)
FBI Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (SCION)

Justice Management Division (JMD)

JMD Law Enforcement Wireless Communication (LEWC)
JMD Litigation Case Management System (LCMS)
JMD Unified Financial Management System (UFMS)

Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

OJP Community Partnership Grants Management System (CPGMS) Application Renovation
OJP Community Partnership Grants Management System (CPGMS) Architecture and Technology Refresh

Updated March 1, 2018