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Greece - Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism Interactive Map

Greece - Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism Interactive Map

** This interactive map reflects OVT activities in connection with terrorist attacks involving U.S. citizens overseas. Select a country listed below or on the map. The accomplishments indicated on this map are a representative sample of OVT accomplishments and are not exhaustive of OVT work.

Algeria | Bangladesh | Belgium | Brazil | Burkina Faso | Colombia | Ecuador | Egypt | France | Gaza/Israel/Jerusalem/West Bank | Germany | Greece | India | Indonesia | Jordan | Kenya | Libya | Mali | Pakistan | Panama | Philippines | Somalia | Spain | Syria | Tanzania | Turkey | Uganda | United Kingdom | Yemen

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ITVERP Designations

  • April 3, 1984 armed attack in Athens
  • April 24, 1987 armed attack in Athens
  • August 10, 1987 car bombing in Athens
  • June 28, 1988 car bombing in Athens
  • March 12, 1991 bombing in Athens
  • April 2, 1986 bombing of TWA flight 840 in Athens
  • November 15, 1983 armed attack in Athens

Other Advocacy and Assistance

  • OVT created a password protected website for U.S victims of terrorist attacks carried out by members of November 17 terrorist group.