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Our Activities

Since 2005, we have advocated for U.S. victims of overseas terrorism to obtain information, to be present during foreign terrorism prosecutions, and to have a voice during foreign criminal justice proceedings. Our commitment to enhancing U.S. government support to victims is enduring.  We work to incorporate best practices and innovations that improve our ability to advocate for victims’ voices to be heard around the world. Below are highlights of some of our advocacy and support activities.

Interactive World Map

The Interactive World Map reflects DOJ/OVT activities in connection with terrorist attacks involving U.S. citizens overseas. Filter through the map by selecting a continent or click a specific location on the map. The activities indicated on this map are a representative sample of DOJ/OVT activities and doesn’t include all of our work.

DOJ/OVT Interactive World Map

Visit the DOJ/OVT Interactive World Map

Criminal Justice Participation Assistance Fund (CJPAF)

We assist U.S. citizen victims of international terrorism with financial support to participate in foreign criminal justice proceedings in cases where the security situation and laws of that country allow victim court attendance. Since our creation, we have funded travel for victims and/or surviving family members to participate in foreign criminal justice proceedings in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, the Philippines, and the West Bank.

To learn more about CJPAF, visit the foreign system participation tab in the victim toolbox.

Password Protected Websites

For certain attacks, DOJ/OVT develops password-protected websites to facilitate awareness and participation. The password-protected websites provide general information on the country’s criminal justice system, social service contacts, and case notifications. The URL and password are provided to victims and/or the representative of the victims.

Contact us for more Information

Victim Impact Statements

We advocate for victims’ voices to be heard during foreign criminal justice proceedings, primarily through victim impact statements. Where possible and consistent with foreign law, we work with U.S. citizen victims of international terrorist attacks in the development and delivery of their impact statements. To learn more about victim impact statements, visit the foreign system participation tab in the victim toolbox. If you are a U.S. citizen victim of overseas terrorism and want to discuss the possibility of submitting a victim impact statement, please contact us.

Victim of Terrorism Abroad (VTA) Taskforce

The VTA Task Force serves as a forum to coordinate and enhance the U.S. government response to U.S. overseas terrorism victims.

Find more information on the Taskforce membership and activities.

Updated July 5, 2023