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Information for U.S. Victims and Families: Terrorist Attacks in Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem, and the West Bank

Some of you have written to United States Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and contacted the Office of Justice for the Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OVT) to ask questions about the United States’ response to the Government of Israel’s decision to release prisoners as a result of the Egyptian-brokered negotiations with Hamas to secure the return of an Israeli soldier. The Attorney General has responded to the letters he received, and OVT has endeavored to keep victims and their families informed of developments. In addition, the Justice Department has also received inquiries from Congress. We have posted below the Justice Department’s recent response to a Congressional letter from Representatives Joe Walsh and Howard Berman, which was signed by several other House members. The response to Representative Walsh appears below; the other signatories received identical letters.

If you are a United States citizen victim or a family member of a United States citizen victim of terrorism in Gaza, Israel, Jerusalem, or the West Bank, we invite you to provide your contact information so we may ensure that you receive updated information and assistance in the future. Our E-mail address is:


Updated August 4, 2017