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June 10, 2010
Attorney General Eric Holder Announces the Results of Project Deliverance Earlier today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the results of Project Deliverance – a 22-month, bilateral investigation focused on the transportation infrastructure in the United States used by Mexican drug cartels to distribute illegal narcotics throughout our country and smuggle weapons and cash across the U.S.-Mexico border.   As the Attorney General said:
This interagency, cross-border operation has been our most extensive, and most successful, law enforcement effort to date targeting these deadly cartels, and it is a direct result of our ongoing Southwest Border Strategy.   Our aim was to target not just cartel operations, but the networks of individuals across the United States the cartels tap to distribute drugs in our country and smuggle cash and guns out of it.  
The investigation has lasted 22 months, with a large sweep taking place yesterday.  Take a look at Project Deliverance by the numbers:
On June 9, 2010 Arrests Made = 429      U.S. Currency Seized = $5.8 million Cocaine Seized = 112 kilograms Heroin Seized = 92 pounds Meth Seized = 17 pound Marijuana Seized = 2,951 pounds Weapons Seized = 141 Vehicles Seized = 85
Overall Arrests Made = 2266 U.S. Currency Seized = $154 million Cocaine Seized = 2.5 tons Heroin Seized = 1,410 pounds Meth Seized = 1,262 pound Marijuana Seized = 69 tons Weapons Seized = 501 Vehicles Seized = 527
For more information on Project Deliverance, check out the press releaseread the Attorney General’s remarks or view the photo gallery.

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