The Office of Public Affairs offers internships that provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work in a fast-paced government communications office. As the principal point of contact for the Department of Justice with the news media, the office is responsible for ensuring that the public is informed about the department’s activities, and the priorities and policies of the Attorney General with regard to law enforcement and legal affairs.

The Office of Public Affairs offers internship programs as follows:

Media Affairs Internship: The media affairs intern will assist press officers with telephone calls from national news media, gather news clips, assist with interviews and press conferences, edit and issue news releases on a variety of topics, as well as other duties as assigned.

Speechwriting Internship: The speechwriting intern will assist in drafting and editing remarks for the Attorney General, provide research assistance, and contribute to other communications projects.

Qualified candidates have a strong interest in or are seeking a degree in communications, public affairs/relations, media, journalism, and/or public policy and government. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are a must. Ability to handle multiple tasks and to work under pressure is also necessary. Previous internship experience is desirable.

Selected applicants must also submit a security application package.

Work Schedules

The Office of Public Affairs is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Interns are requested to work at least three full days and most work all five days.

Academic Credit

Internships are only offered as student work-study programs and are not for compensation. Students accepted for an internship may earn academic credit while working in our office. Information on academic credit programs can be obtained from school placement offices.


Applicants for an internship must be United States citizens. Please note that participation as a student intern is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a background investigation. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to work in any capacity before his or her background investigation is successfully completed.



Spring Program  (internships generally run January through May)
  • Applications are accepted until October 1st.
  • Selected applicants must submit a completed security application package by November 15.
  • The program will generally begin on the first Monday after New Year's Day.
Summer Program (internships generally run June through August)
  • Applications are accepted until February 1st.
  • Selected applicants must submit a completed security application package by April 15.
  • Program will generally begin on the first Monday after Memorial Day.
Fall Program (internships generally run September through December)
  • Applications are accepted until June 1st.
  • Selected applicants must submit a completed security application package by July 15.
  • Program will generallybegin on the first Monday after Labor Day.

Application Materials & Procedures

Applications must be sent to: by the deadline for the term being applied for.

The following materials are required for all applications and must be submitted in PDF format:

  • Cover Letter: this should indicate which program the applicant is interested in.  Applicants interested in multiple programs should indicate this here; multiple applications are not needed.
  • Resume
  • A writing sample not to exceed four pages. Non-academic samples are preferred, such as essays, news articles, and/or blog posts.

Applications that are received after the deadline or that do not have all of the required material (in PDF form) will not be considered.


Questions regarding internships, applications, or materials should be directed to:

The U.S. Department of Justice is an Equal Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation Employer.

Updated October 18, 2018

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