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Recent Progress, Future Plans

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the U.S. House of Representative Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and related Agencies. He discussed President Obama’s proposed 2013 fiscal year budget for the Justice Department.  This $27.1 billion proposal will guarantee the department’s ability to effectively accomplish its chief priorities and continue its record of success. Attorney General Holder said:
“The President’s budget demonstrates a strong commitment to the Justice Department’s work and ensures that we have the resources necessary to meet our essential responsibilities. Of course no responsibility is more important than our obligation to protect the American people  from terrorism, violent crime, financial fraud and a range of threats that put our national security and economic stability at risk.”
The Attorney General discussed the many successes achieved by the department this past year, including:
  • Protecting the American people and convicting terrorists like Waad Ramadan Alwan and Uman Farouk Adbulmattal;
  • Working closely with our U.S. and international partners to thwart multiple terrorist plots;
  • Holding accountable those who have violated our laws and abused the public trust by continuing aggressive financial fraud enforcement;
  • Obtaining a $25 billion federal-state civil settlement, the largest in history, to address mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure abuses in order to provide relief to homeowners while stopping abuses and putting new protections in place to protect consumers;
  • Fighting health-care fraud and recovering nearly $4.1 billion in money stolen from federal health care programs;
  • Keeping safe the most vulnerable members of society; and
  • Ensuring that the rights of all Americans are protected in border areas, workplaces, housing markets and voting booths.
The Attorney General also highlighted the department’s commitment to “act as sound stewards of precious tax payer dollars,” noting:  
“In response to my call to identify savings across the department, almost $700 million in savings have been developed – funds that are being reinvested in critical mission areas.   I also want to note that, in the department’s FY 2013 budget of $27.1 billion, proposed spending increases have been exceeded by proposed cuts." 
Learn more about the department’s FY 2013 budget.
Updated April 7, 2017