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Director of Public Affairs July 30, 1997 MEMORANDUM

U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs



Washington, D.C. 20530




TO: Bill Licatovich, USMS


CC: Julie Anbender, INS
Todd Craig, BOP
Peggy Irving, Office of Information and Privacy
FROM: Bert Brandenburg, Director of Public Affairs
DATE: July 30, 1997


Effective immediately, media requests to ride on JPATS [Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation Service] flights may be granted, subject to the following conditions:








(1) This policy applies to JPATS flights only. It does not affect media policies for any other method of transporting prisoners and aliens, or at any BOP facility.
(2) Advance notice must be given to BOP Public Affairs and field operations staff.
(3) If aliens are aboard a JPATS flight, INS officials must approve of the media's presence on the flight.
(4) In securing a spot on a JPATS flight, no member of the media can displace a prisoner or person on government business.
(5) Members of the media must be seated next to USMS or INS staff, and not next to any prisoners.
(6) Members of the media must not be identified to prisoners, nor may they interview prisoners or aliens.
(7) Cameras or artists can only be permitted aboard if they agree in advance, in writing, (a) not to photograph or draw from an angle that will show any prisoner's face, and (b) not to broadcast or publish any depictions of a prisoner's face they may inadvertently obtain.

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