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Documents Related to September 22, 2020 Press Conference Announcing Results of Operation DisrupTor

Press Conference:



Press Release:

International Law Enforcement Operation Targeting Opioid Traffickers on the Darknet Results in over 170 Arrests Worldwide and the Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and over $6.5 Million


Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen Delivers Remarks at Announcement of Results of Operation DisrupTor

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks at Press Conference on Operation DisrupTor

Graphics & Images: 

Operation DisrupTor; Seals for USDOJ, FBI, DEA, USPIS, ICE, Europol, EuroJust; 85 Darknet drug traffickers arrested in US; Over $6.5 million in both cash and virtual currencies seized; over 270 kilograms of drugs seized; 63 firearms seized; 179 total arrests worldwide; flags from the US, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Sweden, and Australia

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Court Documents:

Central District of California

Eastern District of California

  • United States v. Hunter Secrest, Case No. 2:20-cr-130: Information
  • United States v. Fatukala, et al. Case No. 2:20-CR-0005 KJM: Indictment

Southern District of California

  • United States v. Bloom and Davis, Case No. 20-mj-2669: Complaint 

District of Colorado

  • United States v. Hugues Bellevue, Case No. 1:20-cr-00090-REB:  Indictment

District of Columbia

District of Connecticut

Southern District of Florida

  • United States v. Michael Sequeira, Case No. 20-20001-Cr-Cooke (SDFL): Indictment

Northern District of Georgia

  • United States v. Arden McCann Case No. 1:20-CR-084-UNA: Indictment

Western District of Missouri

  • United States v. Nash, Case No. 4:20-cr-00148: Indictment

District of New Jersey

Western District of North Carolina

  •  United States v. Anthony Byrnes, Case No. 3:20-CR-192: Information

Southern District of Ohio

  • United States v. Khlari Sirotkin et al, Case No. 1:19-CR-136: Indictment

 Western District of Pennsylvania

 Northern District of Texas

  •  United States v. Aaron Brewer, Case No. 3:20-cr-0295-M: Indictment

Eastern District of Virginia

Western District of Washington 

  • United States v. Armstrong, Case No. 2:19-CR-00243-JCC: Information

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