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Criminal Resource Manual

2176. Jury Instruction -- Attempt

An attempt consists of an act which is done with the specific intent to commit a particular crime and is reasonably adapted to the accomplishment of that end. The act must go beyond mere preparation. That is, the defendant must intentionally do something that was a substantial step toward committing the crime charged. You may convict the defendant of an attempt to commit the crime even if the evidence shows that the offense was completed. A person may commit a crime even if it turns out that it was impossible under the circumstances to commit the crime that was the object of the attempt. A person may be guilty of an attempt to commit a crime even though he changed his mind and abandoned the effort to commit the crime or did something to prevent its commission.[FN1]
  1. FN1. Derived from: Young Lawyers Section of Bar Association of District of Columbia, Criminal Jury Instructions: District of Columbia, 149 (3d ed. 1978), and Criminal Jury Instructions, Vol. 1, Saltzburg and Perlman, Michie Co., 1990.

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